About Nigeria: Nigeria is an incredibly diverse country with over 520 languages and 250 ethnic groups; it is a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds. Located along the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, it is Africa’s most populous nation by far… (read more)



About Cameroon: Cameroon is a Central African country so rich in diverse terrain, wildlife, and culture that it’s often known as “Africa in miniature.” English and French are the official languages of Cameroon, with an additional 250+ languages spoken throughout the country.¹ This linguistic diversity has promoted the country’s literacy rate as one of the highest on the continent. However, due to… (read more)



About Ethiopia: Ethiopia is the oldest country in Africa and possibly the world. It was thought to be a beacon to other African countries during the colonial period, because it was the only one to maintain its independence–despite attempts made by the Italians. Ethiopia has the second largest population in Africa, following Nigeria… (read more)

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