A Better Word ~ facing the horror of evil with the heart of God

” But you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem. You have come the church of the firstborn, whose names are written in heaven. You have come to God, the Judge of all, to the spirits of the righteous made perfect, 24 to Jesus the mediator of a new covenant, and to […]

Praise and Prayer August 20th!

Nigeria Praise We might have found a venue for the conference, the national youth center is willing to host us. However, they need to find another venue for their youth (who were planning on using the center at that time) so pray they will find one! Comfort has trained her friend Esther who is interested […]

Prayer and Praise!

  Nigeria Praise There was a bomb blast in Maiduguri, but God protected everyone, there were no casualties Fewer kidnapping and killings in Maiduguri, continue to pray! Peter’s wife is better, and has medication for hepatitis.  Samuel and Jessica had a baby boy Friday. Praise God for a safe delivery! Prayer Peter’s wife is feeling […]

God’s Field and God’s Building

“After all, who is Apollos? Who is Paul? We are only God’s servants through whom you believed the Good News. Each of us did the work the Lord gave us.  I planted the seed in your hearts, and Apollos watered it, but it was God who made it grow.  It’s not important who does the planting, or […]

Praise and Prayer End of July!

    Ethiopia: Praise There are 102 students at the current training, the team reports that they are some of the sharpest and most joyful trainees we’ve ever had! Their worship time together is incredible. There were over 21 universities represented between the last two weeks of training! Prayer The high altitude of this location […]

Wretchedness and Joy

“Knowing God without knowing our own wretchedness makes for pride. Knowing our own wretchedness without knowing God makes for despair. Knowing Jesus Christ strikes the balance because he shows us both God and our own wretchedness. Jesus is a God whom we can approach without pride and before whom we can humble ourselves without despair.” […]

Praise and Prayer July 23rd!

  Nigeria Praise This week, Samuel met with 7 of the new believers from the jungle, and it was a really a good time for them! They are continuing tomorrow with the teaching.  Benjamin is really progressing in his training, and is taking Bible classes by correspondence. He is the one who witnessed to the […]

Ethiopia:  Praise The training going well!  the temperature is unexpectedly cool. Eskinder, Eyasu, Rich, Terese all made it to the training and are enjoying working together! The prime minister of Eritrea and the President of Ethiopia met in Awasa, and are signing peace documents. We might be able to hold a training up in Eritrea […]

Praise and Prayer July 9th

Nigeria Praise Comfort is running training in Maiduguri this week with Good News Church and is expecting 30-40 participants! Seven teenagers in Maiduguri that Comfort has trained in use of the gospel card have agreed to speak to their friends about the gospel this week and will talk to Comfort on Sunday to share with […]

July prayers for mercy and thanks for God’s faithfulness

Nigeria Praise for the safety of Gindiri Theological Seminary, and most of Jos and the surrounding area over the weekend.  for peace in Maiduguri (our trainer, Comfort’s area!) this week for God’s continued work! Comfort is doing a training this week in Good News Church in her local area with 30-40 members.  the former drug […]

Praise and Prayer ~ the faithfulness of God in the midst of strife

    Ethiopia: Praise Eyasu estimates that every month 40-50 Muslims are coming to Christ through MBBs that we work with! They’ve said that the biggest challenge they face is not knowing what to teach new believers after conversion, so our materials are solving the biggest challenge they face in their churches. Praise God! Prayer […]

Praise and Prayer mid June!

Ethiopia: Praise Rich has finished the Tigre translation! Eyasu reports that many muslims are coming to Christ, and he is currently working with MBBs. The July trainings in Ethiopia are all set to go! Prayer Eyasu’s youngest daughter is going through exams! Prayer for her success. Eyasu will be working with 26 MBBs over the […]

Praise and Prayer ~ In Nigeria, USA, Cameroon, Ethiopia, God is at work!

Nigeria Praise  In the Niger state training, a Muslim who became a Christian as a result of the trainees’ outreach, attended the whole training! We gave him a copy of the Bible at the end and the local pastor found someone to mentor him so that he will remain in the faith. The trainees were […]

End of May: Praise and Prayer

We praise God together for all He has accomplished and the blessing of working and walking alongside Him in the Spirit! Scripture shared by the team: Numbers 23:8 “How can I curse those whom God has not cursed? How can I denounce those whom the LORD has not denounced” 2nd Tim. 1:7 “God does not […]

Displaced and Dismayed: The Untold Refugee Story in Cameroon

Tension. Protests. Violence. Food shortage. Cameroon has been in a critical condition for the past few years. A country with two official languages, the English and French speaking populations have been at odds since 2016. It began when the English-speaking populous spoke out about their sense of oppression by the French-speaking populous. With only one […]

Fiery Trials and Protective Miracles: Muslim background believers

These are a few of the incredible testimonies of former Muslims turned evangelist we have had the privilege of training! For safety reasons we cannot use pictures or disclose the countries that they are in, but these powerful stories deserve to be told. Glory be to God for His work in their lives! Evangelist 1: […]

Praise and Prayer ~ Strong Together in Spirit

Nigeria Praise Peter’s training with the recovering substance abusers from the forests outside Jos is going well! Many of them are praying actively for jobs, as they are turning to substance abuse out of hopelessness. Pray with them, and pray that they may find more brothers and sisters in their local churches to help support […]

Diaspora ~ Pastor Yisa and the prayer that saved a life

Rich and Pastor Yisa pictured above Cameroon is experiencing a lot of internal unrest and terrible violence these past few months. The city where we held the large conference and training, Belo, has been at the epicenter of the worst recent confrontations between the military and rebels and is now a ghost town and Anyadua, […]

Peter’s report– Jalingo and Plateau trainings, and many more opportunities!

The ministry staff went to see the Bishop of the Lutheran Church (his deputy was among those we trained at the RCCN Jalingo) and he highly recommended our training materials and strategy for his denomination. The bishop was impressed and said he wanted us to train all the pastors, evangelists, and leaders in his diocese. […]

May 7th, Praise and Prayer!

Praise and Prayer ~ May 7, 2018 Nigeria: Praise for the success of the trainings we planned in April! for the safety of the trainees and trainers as they traveled northern Nigeria and Lagos.  Peter and Rich met with and designated people to begin organizing a conference for 1000 Muslim background believers Rick and Osang […]

Light in the Darkness: Evangelism, Follow-up, and prayer in Lagos prisons

Rick and Osang finished the training for the prison fellowship members in Lagos today! There were over 40 chaplains and volunteers representing four different prisons. There were a wide range of denominations represented—Catholics, Pentecostals, Baptists, all eager to learn to evangelize and follow-up with new believers. Because of the terrible traffic in Lagos, their time […]

Praise and Prayer ~ April 30

Nigeria: Praise Deeply impressed with reports from the COCIN (Church of Christ in Nigeria) young adult leaders on the FFICM training, the general secretary wants Peter and Rich to present to the leadership for the whole church, so that they can mobilize all the leadership in COCIN to be trained in evangelism and follow-up. We […]

Prayer and Praise April 23 ~ Jalingo training

USA— Praise David Moore is back safely from his trip to Indonesia! Susanna Ballard will be able to join us for an internship this summer. Thank God for the work he will do through her. Dara and Ian’s son Carsten will be dedicated this coming Sunday! Prayer for resources for more support staff and trainers […]

COCIN youth training–Peter Wash’s report!

About a year ago the vice president of COCIN, Rev. Obed Dashan, met with Rick Cordell, one of our staff, and they talked about how we could use FFICM’s materials and training to benefit their churches. He referred Rick immediately to the national coordinator of COCIN youth ministries, who was instantly excited about working with […]

April 17 Prayer and Praise from the team!

Nigeria: Praise Thank God for the training in Vom! The youth leadership is extremely committed. Continue to pray for them as they train others who could not make it to the training ground. We had a good week with our prospective new head trainers, Mwanta and Samuel! A twelve year old boy went along with […]

Prayer and Praise, Monday April 9th

Nigeria: Praise— Peter’s health has stabilized, and his wife’s health is also improved! The Emmaus training went so well this week that the trainees from Lagos want us to come and train more of their members in Lagos. After discussions with Peter, we have settled on October. They want us to train church leaders from […]

Prayer and Praise, FFICM Easter!

Hello Everyone, He is Risen! Thank you for your faithful prayers in the power of the name of our risen Lord Jesus! Nigeria: There were no new attacks on the villages, praise God! Some of the most vulnerable villages are organizing their own youth to do some protection and patrol, and apparently that was enough […]

Prayer and Praise: FFICM finishing strong March 2018!

Prayer Requests and Praise, March 26th 2018   Nigeria         Prayer Samuel Fom’s wife is sick. She is pregnant and overworked herself. She fell ill and felt pain in her womb. Her name is Jessica. Rick asks for continued prayers as he is still speaking in classes at Gindiri Theological Seminary. There […]

Prayer for FFICM March 19th

Hello Everyone! This week in our prayer call together we shared a lot of requests again. As you join with us in prayer, please feel free to comment below and we will pray for you! Nigeria The training in Gindiri is going well! There are 150-170 students. Students are set to graduate in May and […]

Prayer for our Teams

Every Monday our available team members across the US, Nigeria, and Ethiopia (and sometimes other locations as they travel) call in, share prayer requests, and lift one another up! We would like to share those prayer requests with you and ask you, as you feel led, to lift us up as well! Nigeria: There are […]

Starting Strong–Peter’s Report

FFICM started the year with prayer and fasting on Thursday January 4th; we met with those we are training to join the organization as well as the volunteers. We prayed to thank God for the past year and for the programs we have organized for this year, and for God’s protection also to enable us […]

Gospel Marathon

On February 8th, Rich will leave for Nigeria, and Peter will pick him up from the airport to take him to Jos. The week in Nigeria will be packed! Not only will Rich and Peter will work to get the updated follow-up materials translated into Hausa and English and formatted with the new artwork, but […]

The Transformation of Rashalang

Last year, December 2016, Peter organized a training in his home town, Rashalang, at a local church. The church leaders and members that they trained did an evangelistic outreach in the village, and started a new church in August of 2017! They invited us to come back and teach the new members the basic follow-up […]

Ministry on the Go: Siberia Edition!

Rich and Carl flew to Moscow and traveled to Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, where they were planning to regroup before going on to a remote location called Ungut to conduct a training for thirty local pastors. While in Krasnoyarsk, they discovered that the man who had been responsible for organizing the training (and Roman had met twice […]

Adventures in Kansk

Kansk is a beautiful town on the edge of the river Kan–a river which was once the site of a terrible battle, after which legend has it, the river tasted of blood for many years. Now the river Kan is a peaceful city where a pastor and his family hosted Sarina, Rich, and Roman in Kansk […]

Nigeria Evangelism conference 2017!

The Nigeria evangelism conference was a powerful time—The conference was held in a building that seated 1,000, but there were 2000-2500 additional people outside! The theme of the conference was, “The True Gospel”. Each of the speakers spoke about the nature of the true gospel, and warned about alternative gospels (such as the prosperity gospel […]

God’s Bridge

Bonga is an economically depressed area far out in the wilderness, where there is no running water. They ended up changing accommodations mid-trip, because half the team got tired of having only Rich’s old coffee pot to heat water to bathe with! Animism is the main competing religion to Christianity; the evangelists from the area […]

Eyasu’s report: trainees to reach 2,667!

Our training went very well by God’s grace, though it was so exhausting! Rich’s commitment is very encouraging. I’ve known him since 2007, studying together at Western Seminary, and the more I know him the more I see his commitment and strength. We had two trainings in two weeks.The first week we trained 81 evangelists. […]

Peter’s report: Taraba

In May we went to Takum, where the headquarters of CRCN and RCCN are located, to conduct a refresher training for those we trained in October of last year. Some of the leadership of the churches and denominations were there. The leadership of New life for All also participated throughout the training. This refresher training […]

God’s people rise from the ashes

The Ekklisiyar Yan’uwa Nigeria-EYN (Church of the Brethren) headquarters is at Kwarhi, roughly 10 kilometers from Mubi, a town that was destroyed by the Boko Haram fighters. We were 30 minutes from the Sambisa forest, which is the location the Boko Haram operate from. Most of the churches, if not all, in the town had […]

More on the Mbingo, Cameroon training–Peter Wash

The training at Mbingo was a huge success with a good number of attendants. It took us by surprise, as the number of trainees we expected was 100, but the leadership in Mbingo begged that others be allowed to come in, so in the end we had over 200 participants. The first day was the […]

Safe arrival in Bamenda, and a flood of eager trainees

We praise God for our team’s safe arrival in Cameroon! It was a difficult journey. The temperature on the trip soared above 100 degrees, and they could not make almost any stops because of the danger of kidnapping. The team sounds exhausted from dehydration during the journey, but thankfully the location where they are now are […]

Sunny’s follow-up with our devoted trainees in Niger

Sunday Mallam, our Trainer and Organizer, recently took a trip to Niger to follow-up with those that we had trained last year. He asked each trainee a number of questions geared towards finding out what their needs are, and how we can continue to improve our trainings. Here are some of their replies: Reverend H.– The […]

God’s powerful movement in Nekemte and Dembidolo!

This is the report so far from Nekemte and Dembidolo as to what the two groups of trainees have done with their training since last year! More reports continue to roll in, but as of now…. Collectively, they have trained 1,011 people how to use the gospel tracts and follow up with new believers. As a […]

Tri Country Outreach: Team Schedule

February/March Outreach February 2nd: Rich leaves for Nigeria. February 6-10: Nigeria Advanced Training The team’s first stop in Jos, Nigeria is of great strategic importance. Head trainers from Niger, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Poland will meet together for an advanced training to ensure that all the trainers who are responsible for the quality and depth of […]

Breaking Spiritual Strongholds in Rabwak

In January, Peter led an important training in Rabwak. This area was believed to be cursed, because for two months out of the year, May and October, people would die for no apparent reason. Christians were beginning to leave the church to dedicate themselves to traditional religion, in an effort to protect themselves. Peter organized […]


Peter Wash, Rick Cordell, and their team went to Jalingo in October as part of a longer trip throughout Taraba state. All of the other trainings were well-attended, but the Jalingo turnout was surprisingly poor–only ten people turned up out of the 120 registered. Peter reported that the divisions between denominations and churches had been […]