Praise and Prayer ~ December 14

Nigeria Jepthah’s sister just lost her little girl to a brief illness. Please pray for their whole family!  Peter is up in the north, meeting with the leaders of the HBB conference we are planning in 2021,  please pray for safety for him and success in his journey!  Sam said everything has been very hectic, he has been away […]

Praise and Prayer ~ December 7

Ethiopia They have 70 at their current training! That is ten more than they expected. A lot more wanted to come, so we will probably have another training in this area.  Temperature isn’t too bad, thank God! It even rained! This is unusual, so God answered our prayers!  They are sharing the gospel today! A lot […]

Praise and Prayer ~ November 30

Nigeria One of the staff has gone to Gombe to deliver radio teachings to the station there, and is hoping to arrange a future training, and may be able to stop in Bauchi to deliver radio programs too.  Sam is going to travel to Kano to do follow-up training with those we trained in February […]

Praise and Prayer ~ November 23

Nigeria Pray for Nigeria as the MBB conference is going forward now in March of next year!  Pray for wisdom, mobilization, good communication, and protection! There are nineteen discipleship centers participating that are all very excited to participate with us.  Continue to pray for Sam. He is in the second location in Lafiya, coordinating follow-up and outreach with New Life […]

Praise and Prayer ~ November 16

Nigeria Pray for the team as they’re training in Bauchi and Layfia this week.  Pray that more people will attend the training in Layfia. About 20 people have attended.  Pray that more people will attend the training in Bauchi. There has been a low turnout but the team is hopeful more will attend. Pray for […]

Praise and Prayer ~ November 9

Nigeria There have been training sessions with over 100 students in the area, and there are more coming up. Next week, they are splitting up into 2 teams as they follow up with new believers. This week, Peter will be on television to speak about the ministry and the impact it has on the community. […]

Praise & Prayer ~ November 2

Nigeria Pray for the new office building and for God’s provision in the process. The radio program has received more comments, questions, and testimonies from people! Praise God! Pray that it continues to reach people and that the team works well together for this.  Pray for Yusuf who is coming back to do more recordings […]

Praise & Prayer ~ October 26

Nigeria  Last week, a conference was successfully held. Praise God for reaching new believers through this ministry! Please pray over everyone who attended, that they would be protected from the coronavirus. Please pray for an upcoming training and outreach that are coming up in November. Pray for the communication and planning as our team in […]

Praise & Prayer ~ October 19

Nigeria Sam, Danladi, Valentine, and their families are all healthy! Praise God! Pray for the MBB conference planning and that the committee will be able to meet. They are trying to figure out how best to host the conference with Coronavirus. Pray for wisdom and guidance.  Pray for the new office space for the Nigeria […]


Nigeria Ruth, Valentine, and Sam have all tested positive for Coronavirus but don’t have symptoms. Pray that it stays this way and that they heal quickly. A couple other staff members are waiting for their test results. Pray for negatives! Peter has been struggling with health issues. He and his wife had Hepatitis C and […]


Nigeria Sam and his wife are   sick with a fever and an ulcer, pray for his recovery! Ishaku would like to praise God for his provision, though everything is hard now. He said to say thank you for praying for his son Nathaniel, who is recovering really well!  Ishaku’s church has assigned him to be a leader to oversee the […]


Rich Gardner Rich is traveling to Nigeria. Currently at airport on his way. He arrives Wednesday in Nigeria and will be there for 2 weeks.  Zainab This past weekend they had graduation for 9 women in the class. Continue to pray for courage as they do the work of God. Next group of women are […]


NigeriaOur friend and partner Soja lost his wife Mercy, who had had a brain surgery a few months back. Pray for him and their family! Emmaus Ministry said Comfort is in police custody, we do not know what is going on, please pray for her! Zainab called the day before yesterday, the police promised they would […]